Switch to Live Agent - Messenger

Things you should know

  1. Important settings

  2. How to check messages requesting for a live agent

  3. How to activate live agent mode

  4. How to switch back to bot mode

Main Points

1. Go to Settings of your Facebook page, click Advanced Messaging, scroll down the page toGeneral Settings, and click the third oneResponses are partially automated, with some support by people

2. Click Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol to set as “YOCTOL.AI”, and click Secondary Receiver for Handover Protocol to set as “Page Inbox”.

3. Return to Dialogue, and enable the live agent function on “Live Agent” message group.

How to check messages requesting for Live Agent?

  1. The messages between customers and your bot are stored in the “Done” inbox.

  2. When a customer enables Live Agent mode, messages will be moved to “Main” inbox. The bot will no longer reply to the customer’s messages.

How to activate Live Agent mode?

1. Setting buttons for Switching to Live Agent.

You can set a button that connects to the “Switch to Live Agent” message. You can also set the message in your persistent menu so that customers can easily switch between two modes.

Hint: Although the “Switch to Live Agent” message can be triggered by NLU or regular expression, we do not suggest you to do so. If you do so, customers may accidentally trigger the switch.

When a customer triggers the “Switch to Live Agent” message, the system activates Live Agent mode. Now if this message is triggered, bot will respond with “Live Agent Switched On”.

2. Live Agent responding

You can also manually move customer’s messages to “Main” inbox. The customer will then receive a “Switch to Live Agent” message.

Switching back to bot mode

1. After resolving a customer’s request for live agent, click on Mark as done on the top right corner. The message resolved will automatically be moved to the “Done” inbox. In the meantime, the customer will receive an “Back to the Bot” message, with an “Bot Responses On” message after a few seconds. This means that the customer has successfully switched back to bot mode, and messages later on will be processed by the bot.

2. When a customer is in live agent mode, clicking the “Back to the Bot” button under “Switch to Live Agent” or “Live Agent Switched On” message, will switch the conversation back to bot mode.

Notice: If your don't want to use Creator anymore in the future and you activated the Live Agent service, please go to Advanced Messaging > App Settings of your Facebook page, unset “Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol” and "Secondary Receiver for Handover Protocol".

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