Seeker’s Broadcast is a powerful feature for market retargeting. With message broadcasting, you can send direct messages to fans who have interacted with you in the previous “Post Event” campaigns, grasp as many opportunities of SMSs with them as possible, so that you can fulfill further customer retargeting.

Once a customer sends messages to the Facebook Page, your chatbot will be able to broadcast messages to them for free in return.

Types of Message Broadcasting on Facebook

1. Messages sent within the 24-hour window may contain promotional content.

Promotion messages can only be sent to people who interacted with the bot within the past 24 hours. For those who last interacted with the bot for more than 24 hours in the past, they will only receive the first component of the promotion message. If you are planning to go on the promotion event via message broadcasting, please pay attention to sending messages within 24 hours so that you can enhance conversions from any potential customers.

2. Messages sent out of the 24-hour window that does not contain promotional content.

There is no restriction on non-promotional contents. The non-promotional contents must be tagged with one of four Message Tags: “CONFIRMED_EVENT_UPDATE” (The confirmation of event updates), “POST_PURCHASE_UPDATE” (The post of purchase updates), “ACCOUNT_UPDATE” (The announcement of account update), or Human Agent

Attention: It is against the Messenger policy to broadcast promotional messages through tags, for it may cause account suspension.

Set Audience to Broadcast Messages

Besides broadcast to all customers engaged with your Messenger bot before, you can target a specific audience to send messages for precise marketing. See the two ways below:

  1. Selected Tag: Broadcast messages to the audience with certain tags, such as sending the information of your latest food product to the audience tagged with “Interests in Foods”.

  2. Filter Audience from Tag List: Broadcast messages to the audience engaged during a certain period of time, on a specific level of customer intimacy, and with some particular tags. It helps users to precisely target potential customers or buyers.

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