How to use Ads Audience tool

Seeker provides 2 ads audience tool:

  1. Facebook Ads Audience Filtering

  2. AI-generated fans list

Facebook Ads Audience Filtering

To whom just start learning how to run ads, not sure what the right target audience is.

Seeker gives you a hand in two ways:

  1. Fans persona: Include age, gender, location.

  2. Page content and related topic: You can answer 2-3 questions about what your Page is mainly posting, Seeker will automatically match the interest from Facebook data.

It is recommended that you can use the ads audience from Seeker at the beginning, and then you can broaden the age and gender settings. However, the broaden the age and gender settings are, the less precisely your ads target is.

AI-generated fans list

To whom is very proficient about running ads, looking for a breakthrough to the performance of existing advertisements.

It is an Essential plan feature. It is suitable for Pages with more than 1,000 engaged fans. Because the list is generated by AI and will be more valuable to sort intimacy level in a bigger database.

Due to Facebook's restrictions on list advertisements, this feature is only available for fans with a "Business Manager".

How to: Please refer to this tutorial for detailed settings

  1. Go to “Ads Audience Tool” and click “Download AI-generated fans list”.

  2. Make sure your Ad Account has already connected with Business Manager.

  3. Create Custom Audiences in “Audience” and choose the source from “Customer List”

  4. Choose “No” when Facebook asks if your list Include a Column For Customer Value, and only upload “Name”, “Facebook PSID”

  5. Finish after matching Facebook Page!

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