Ads Lookalike

Besides manual settings of the audience’s age and interest for ads targeting, at Seeker, we enhance your ad performances by offering “Customized Audience List for Setting Facebook Lookalike”.

Seeker provides you with a list of highly-engaged customers on your Facebook Page. Once the list is applied for Facebook Ads Lookalike, you will acquire more potential customers who may have much interest in interacting with the Page. Seeker gains your ads profit, and boosts the overall conversion!

According to Facebook policy, to run a Facebook Lookalike ad campaign, it is required that you have a minimum of 1000 customers on your customer list. For generating more fans, try Seeker’s Post Event feature to gain customers more effectively and at ease.

Download Step-by-step Instructions of Seeker’s Customer List for Facebook Ads Lookalike: Check whether your Facebook Page is available for generating the list for Facebook Ads Lookalike →