Post Event

Seeker’s Post Event helps you create your posts for reply automation to gain more customer engagement, and collect customers’ comments, interests, performances of the post, offering you a clearer picture to better understand the performance of your Facebook Page.

Post Event includes Post Event Dashboard, Single Post Event Dashboard, and Create Post Event.

Post Event Dashboard

Post Event Dashboard collects the performance of your posts in 6 months. The deleted posts will not be displayed. You can check the performance with the ranking of likes, comments, and conversations.

Single Post Event Dashboard

You can check the performance of a single post event by clicking any post in Post Event Dashboard. You can check the selected post, the number of reach, engagement, source of engagement, and reply rules for the post. Here you can also find out what customers of different intimacy comment on this post.

Notice for creating a Post Event

  1. You can get our "AI Insights" of each Post Event when you create a Facebook post. Also, You can go back to the posts created from the last six months at most!

  2. If you want to set the Tagging automation for your post, please click the post and click "Edit" on the top-right corner.

  3. When you set the reply rules, you can create a tag in the rules to segment customers. For example, if a customer comments “I want to know”, you can tag him/her as ‘To Get More Info’; if a customer comments ‘I like cats’, you can tag him/her as ‘Cat Lovers’. These tags can then be used to broadcast to a particular group of customers.

  4. You can create an auto-reply post even if you don’t need to set any reply rules for this post. Seeker will collect engaged customers on this post for you as well.

  5. When you finish all the settings, don’t forget to turn on the “Enable” switch so the interaction data can be analyzed.

  6. Once you edit the enabling post, the post will be automatically disabled. You may turn it on again as you finish the content editing or other settings.

  7. If you delete the original post on your Page which is used with Post Event feature, the Post Event will be deleted. You may create another post, and turn on Post Event feature again.

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