(5) Create Entity

Things you should know

  • How to create entities

  • How to label an entity in an utterance

Main Points

  • Purpose: To train the bot more effectively.

  • Creating entities : ‌Entity means a word that can be denoted with a person, partnership, organization, or business which has an identifiable existence, so can be replaced with similar things of the same category.


  1. Click on My Bot > Intent > Entity on the left panel.

  2. Click + to add new entity”

  3. Click on the top right of the + Entity Value

  4. Enter an entity value.

  5. You can also click + Synonym and enter a synonym.

Labeling entity in utterance

  1. Click on My Bot > Intent on the panel.

  2. Select or create an utterance.

  3. Add an entity in the utterance. For instance, “How much is the {{drink}}?”

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