Under “My Bot” on the left sidebar on YOCTOL.AI, Intent is where you tell the bot how to categorize users’ intentions.

If you want to train your chatbot with its NLU engine on YOCTOL.AI, you need to have at least 2 intents. You can have a maximum of 25 intents.

We suggest you design 2-3 intents at first for your chatbot with 3-5 utterances for each intent. An intent can have a maximum of 30 utterances.


Take a chatbot for a beverage shop as an example. It has to understand these three basic intents.

  • Products Inquiry

  • Delivery Request

  • Branches Inquiry

There can be many ways to express the same intent. For example, when a customer asks about a new product of the shop, he/she could say “What brand is this? Is it good?” or “Do you have anything new?” With the NLU engine embedded in your chatbot, the bot would categorize these two messages as similar and respond with a product information message.

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