Permission Management

You can share your chatbot with other people and collaboratively design the chatbot with people invited.

A single bot can be edited and managed by multiple collaborators.

Click on Settings > Permission on the sidebar, and invite other people for collaboration or edit other collaborators’ roles.

Permission Roles

There are 4 types of permission roles on YOCTOL.AI:

  • Project Owner

  • Admin

  • Editor

  • Viewer

Each role has their permissions as such:

1. Project Owner: A project owner can make any changes to a chatbot he/ she creates.

2. Admin: An admin can make changes other than deleting the chatbot and the payment settings

3. Editor: An Editor can make changes to a chatbot other than the followings:

  • Download customers list

  • Change chatbot name and picture

  • Delete chatbot

  • Change payment settings

  • Download activity log

  • Change chatbot connection settings

  • Change Permission roles

4. Viewer: A viewer cannot do anything but downloading analytics and testing the chatbot.

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