Auto Reply for Campaign

Things you should know

  • How to respond to public comments automatically.

  • How to respond to private messages automatically.

1. Creating Campaign

  1. Under Campaign on the left panel, select Auto Reply

  2. On the bottom right corner, select +Auto reply

  3. Enter “Settings” page.

  4. Enter a title for the campaign.

  5. Click on “Select a Post” column to choose the post you want to use. You can select “Posted” or “Scheduled” posts.

  6. Click on Next

2. Editing Auto Reply

If the customer didn’t trigger any keyword rules, the bot will reply with default reply.

  1. Click on Public Reply under Default Reply > Auto Reply Message

  2. Enter the prompted response in the textbox.

  3. Click on Private Reply under Auto Reply Message to edit the default response for private conversations.

In addition, you can use Random Text component to a set of multiple texts. Click on “+ Random Text” to create your response. The bot will randomly pick one to reply.

3. Creating Auto Reply Message

  1. Click on + Auto Reply Message on the top right corner of your window.

  2. Give the message a name.

  3. Under “Keywords”, enter the keywords you want. (In order to have a more flexible interaction for the bot, add similar words into the “Keywords” section.

  4. Select “Include any keywords” or “Include every keyword”

  5. Edit the auto reply messages for Public Reply and private Reply.

1.After publishing, if you want to test out your bot, remember to switch to your personal account since with Facebook page identities, one can not trigger bot to respond anything.

2.The Private Reply function for Facebook only allows text messages. If you want to send pictures or other components, you can send private messages to customers to trigger the particular messages. For example: “Seems like you want to know more. Send “Tell me the secret!” word by word to receive the surprise.”

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