Fan analysis: Intimacy Level and Tag

Seeker sorts all fans into 4 levels according to their activity and engagement.

Super Fan: The interaction behavior of Super Fans is the most active among all fans, and they are more interested in your service than other fans. They take more reactions and comments, they also comment faster than the other fans.

Regulars: The behavior of Regulars is very close to Super Fans. They may soon become Super Fans, or they are the Super Fans who have lost interest. It is recommended that you can follow the posts that Regulars like, and turn them into Super Fans.

Occasionals: Occasionals are those who are initially interested in your posts. They may be downgraded from Regulars, and will soon lose interest in your content. You need to pay special attention to the interaction of this group of people.

Passersby: Passersby fall into two categories: new fans, and fans who haven’t interacted for a long time. If you want to increase the hits of Page posts, it is recommended to observe the preferences of Passersby and create posts to attract new fans. First Engaged User: the person who interacted with your post for the first time.

By adjusting the period in the upper right corner, you can understand how many users you have recently attracted to interact with you for the first time, then understand which post brings the most new fans.

Click into the post report, then you can also see how many users are interacting with the post for the first time during the selected period.

Post Potentiality

Comparing the fans intimacy level of “who engaged with the post” with “overall”, Seeker classifies the performance of the post into “Consolidate, “Expanding, and Top Posts”. You’ll know which post attracted the Super Fans or Passersby.

Tag & Fans Report

By categorizing fans' behavior with tags, you can filter fans to get insight from their behaviors and the list of them.

How to find out the preference of a specific group of fans?

You’ll know the posts the group of fans also interacted with, as well as the tags they were being labeled, and get future marketing inspiration by using the filter of Fans Report!

To analyze more, you should start labeling fans through Post Auto-Tag, then, you will find more insights through filter fans with tags:

How to get the “Fans Report” in Seeker:

  1. Go to “Tag & Fans Report”

  2. Select conditions in the filter, such as “Interacted with specific posts in the past one month”, “Being tagged with a specific tag”.

  3. Get the fans report by clicking “Filter”!

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