Utterances are various ways of expressions for the same intent used by the chatbot to learn and categorize the intent.

We recommend a number of 3-5 utterances for each intent with diverse and representative sentence structures. Each intent has a maximum of 30 utterances.

You can utilize “entities” and put various utterances with similar sentence structure in one utterance only. Each utterance can have a maximum of 3 entity values.


Take a beverage shop chatbot as an example. If we want to train it to understand the intent of delivery request, the following would be possible utterances for this intent. In utterance 3, we can use an entity of “drink name” instead of using countless utterances to list out all the drinks. If there are entities used, you can use the symbols {{ }} to mark them.

  1. I want to order many cups!

  2. How many cups do I need to buy for delivery?

  3. How long will it take to deliver 10 cups of {{drink name}}

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