(2) Create Chatbot and Connect

Things you should know

  • How to create a chatbot

  • How to connect a chatbot to Facebook Page or LINE@ account

1. Creating Chatbots

  1. Click + Create a New Bot under your list of bots and name your new bot.

  2. Choose Messenger or LINE as your platform.

  3. Click +Create a New Bot

2. Connecting Chatbots to Facebook Page or LINE Channel

‌Facebook Page

Please make sure to give your bot authorization for your Facebook Page.

  1. Click on the left panel “Settings > Connect”

  2. Grant permission for Messenger

  3. Choose the Facebook Page or account you want to connect to.

  4. Press Connect Page

Disconnent Notice: If your don't want to use Creator anymore in the future and you activated the Live Agent service, please go to Advanced Messaging > App Settings of your Facebook page, unset “Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol” and "Secondary Receiver for Handover Protocol".

LINE@ account

Please make sure that you have a LINE@ account. If not, register a new account on LINE Developers.

‌1.Choose “Messaging API”

2. Select the name of the organization of your bot under “Provider List”. If you are unable to identify any possible options or if this is your first time using this application, click +Create new provider directly. Afterwards, press +Create new channel and add your page.

3. Enter the “Settings > Connect” page and follow the directions below:

  • Copy “Channel ID”, “Channel Secret” and “Channel Access Token” as it will be required later.

  • Enable “Use Webhooks”

  • Fill in your “Webhook URL”

  • Press Issue and Edit and obtain related information

Webhook URL is the URL generated by YOCTOL.AI. You can get it at “Settings > Connect” page.

4. Disable “Auto-reply messages” and “Greeting messages” or else users will receive the default LINE messages when chatting with your bot.

5. Return to “Settings > Connect” page on YOCTOL.AI and fill in “Channel ID”, “Channel Secret” and “Channel Access Token”.

Disconnent Notice: If your don't want to use Creator anymore in the future. Before disconnecting, please turn off the webhook at LINE Channel platform. Your bot will stop replying after disconnecting.

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