Post & Analysis Dashboard

Check out your posts insight in Seeker Post & Analysis Dashboard!

Seeker provides two kinds of performance report:

1. Fans Engagement Analysis

2. Post Performance Dashboard

Fans Engagement Analysis

There are 3 types of posts’ performance according to fans’ activities and engagements.

Consolidating Post means the interaction between Super Fans or Regulars is higher than average. It means that this post can consolidate existing fans and lift conversion rates.

Expanding Post means the interaction between Passersby and Occasionals is relatively high. It means that this kind of post attracts the interaction of the people who are less familiar with you and also effectively expands the reach of fans.

Top Post means the interaction between Super Fans and Passersby has increased. It is recommended to enable the Post Event to label fans by reaction and comment since it’s the best type of post in the time period you selected.

With the Post & Analysis Dashboard, you can better understand the engagement of your Page. You can also change the time period to view the report.

Post Performance Dashboard

We summarize Facebook's insight data to make it easier to view the ranking of posts’ total reach, fans reach, and engagement rate.

Seeker provides Suggested Post KPI based on the top 10% engagement rate and reaches of posts in the past 3 months. You can check if your recent posts reached your suggested KPI.

The list below shows the data of all posts, divided into published, scheduled, and ad posts.

Published: Fans can see the posts on the fan page. Scheduled: You can see the posts being scheduled in the Facebook Publishing Tools. Ads: The posts created by Facebook Ad Center or Ad Manager will not appear on your Page.

If you need to check the performance of the ad posts, please click the "Update Ad Posts" button, and you will see the ad posts in the post list.

If you want to check the performance of a certain post, please click the post name to enter the report.

There are several Seeker-only auto-label, auto-reply, and tracking URL reports that you can make good use of!

Also, we listed all fans who take reactions, comments, or send private messages from the post here, you can manually tag or send s broadcast to certain fans here.

Click on "Edit Auto-reply Rules" in the upper right to set up auto-label or auto-reply for the post.

Click on "+Create Post" in the Post & Analysis Dashboard to publish a post with tracking URLs and auto label/reply rules!

Other information:

Auto-label fans with reaction & comment by Post Event

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