Set Broadcast Message

Things you should know

  • How to broadcast messages in LINE bot.

  • How to broadcast messages in Messenger bot.

1. Creating Campaign

Creating a message to promote campaigns

  • On the left panel, click on Campaign > Broadcast

  • On the bottom right corner of “Broadcast List”, select +Broadcast

  • Enter the Settings window

  • Enter the title of the message for this broadcast.

  • Select the Targeted Group for the message. You can choose Engaged Customers( all customers who have engaged with the bot), or select a specific tag in Tag.

  • Select the proper tag under Broadcast Tag Name

Note that you should follow the regulations of the platform.

  1. Messenger

    • Please do not send promotion messages in private conversations on Messenger. This is against the Facebook policies, and could get your account banned.

    • Please specify the appropriate tags for your campaign. For more details, please read Facebook Tag Policy

    • Promotion messages can only be sent to people who interacted with the bot within the past 24 hours. For those who last interacted with the bot more than 24 hours in the past, they will only receive the first component of the promotion message.

    • For example, a message containing the description of a new product along with an image of the new product consists of two components. For people who last interacted with the bot for more than 24 hours in the past will only receive the description. Only those who interacted within the last 24 hours will receive both of the components.

  2. LINE

    • You need to purchase Push API plan on LINE@ to have broadcast function. For more information, visit

    • LINE broadcasting does not require tag filters.

2. Editing Content:

There are a variety of components to use from for your broadcast message.

  • Text

  • Image

  • Carousel

  • Imagemap (LINE)

  • Quick Reply

  • Continuing Item

  • Random Text

3. Scheduling Broadcast

  • Choose either “Broadcast Now” or “Set a Schedule”. If you choose the latter, please set a time for broadcast.

  • Select “Broadcast” or “Schedule”.

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