(4) Train and Test

Things you should know

  • How to start training chatbots

  • ‌How to test out training results

Main Points

  • Purpose: Test out your bot after training it.

  • Training: Each time you update your training materials (intents, utterances, or entities), you have to click Train to retrain your bot so it will be trained with new contents.

  • Testing: After training your bot, test it out by entering sentences related to the existing intent to examine what the bot knows.

Training steps

  1. Make sure that the training status is ⚠️

  2. Click Train

  3. Click Training

  4. Wait for the “AI engine training completed” message to pop up or the training button to turn ✔️

Testing steps

  1. Click Test on the top right corner

  2. Enter a sentence to test.

  3. Click Confirm

  4. Check the test result.

‌Testing results

  • Confidence Score: The level of confidence of the predicted intent. The maximum score 1.000 indicates the highest level of confidence.

  • This sentence exceeds the knowledge scope: Your bot does not understand the test sentence, which implies that the sentence you entered may be beyond your intent scope. Here are some possible reasons: 1) Your bot have not acquired the similar contents yet. 2) The sentence you entered is not related to the existing intents, therefore the bot cannot correctly predict the answer.

If you want to improve the prediction, you can refer back to (2) and edit the training contents.

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