Authorization and Page binding

Why can’t I choose the Page that I want to analyze?

If you didn’t authorize Seeker to access your Page, we are not allowed to get data from it.

Please click the “Authorize other Facebook Pages” on the right corner, and go to Facebook settings > Business Integrations > find “YOCTOL.AI” and click “view and edit”, re-authorize all functions > go back to Seeker.

Why can’t I find the Page in the list when I try to analyze the Page?

Possible causes:

  1. Your role on the Page is not Admin.

  2. This Page has been connected to Seeker by other Admins of the Page. Please contact other Admins and add you to the project.

How many Pages I can analyze on Seeker?

You can analyze up to 12 pages on Seeker.

How come the Page Report shows “Page access failed”?

The possible reasons are:

  1. You remove some authorization of YOCTOL.AI APP.

  2. You changed your Facebook password so the service related to your account has expired.

  3. Your Admin role of the page has been removed.

  4. Your account has been restricted by Facebook.

Page Report General Settings

How to switch language?

Go to Seeker project, click “Settings” in the sidebar, then you’ll see the language setting on the top. After changing the language setting, refresh the page to see the change of language. Please be noted that if you operate Seeker on Safari, there may appear some errors, so it’s recommended to use Seeker on Chrome.

How to add Roles and what can they do?

One Facebook Page can only create one analyzed report. Roles can allow you to invite colleagues to see the Page report analyzed by Seeker, also to create Post Event and Tags. To know more about the Roles, please click on this link.

Why my report shows “no data”?

Seeker default shows the results of the past 7 days. If you find that there is no data in the report, you can adjust the time period to a longer time so that you can observe the results.

What is the designated period of time? How to use it?

Seeker analyzed and group fans based on the interaction value of your page in a particular time period, and then only display the data in the selected period.

Payment Settings

How to change to another credit card?

Click “Account Setting” at the bottom left of Seeker Project, choose “Payment” to renew your credit card. If you deleted the card information without renewing it, your Essential Project will be downgraded after failure on the next payment date.

How to check my next payment date?

Click “Account Setting” at the bottom left of Seeker Project, choose “Billing” to find out the last payment date. The next payment date will be billed one month later.

Auto Tag & Reply Settings

Why did the auto reply not respond?

The possible reasons:

  1. Please check if you "Enabled" the auto tag & reply function.

  2. Please make sure if you used the correct keywords. *The capital letter matters.

  3. Check if you accidentally added an empty "Multiple", and delete extra Multiple replies or make sure the content is not empty.

Chatbot Settings

Can I delete the bot on the Messenger after I published?

You can’t cancel the function “Message” of Chatbot Service after you published.

If you really want to cancel it, you have to delete the page on Seeker project to cancel all the functions of Seeker.

After deleting the page on Seeker, you have to change the settings of your Facebook page to see the messages of your fans. Please check the next question.

Why I can not see the messages of my fans after “Publish”?

Seeker’s function “Message” of Chatbot Service helps you effectively categorize your fans’ messages. After publishing, your page private message will be taken over by the bot.

If your fan does not click the "Switch to Live Agent" button, you will not receive any notifications, and all the message will in the "Done" folder.

If you want to receive notifications for all messages and do not want the messages to go to the "Done" folder, please go to Facebook Settings > Advanced Messaging > App Settings “Handover Protocol”, and set “Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol” and “Secondary Receiver for Handover Protocol” back to the “unselected state”.

The new message of your fans will back to “Main”, but the old message will remain in the "Done" folder. If you want to move the old messages to the "Main", you can click the button "Move to Main".

Tracking URL Settings

What can I do when reaching the limit of Tracking URL?


  1. Hide the Tracking URLs no longer needed. The hidden URLs will not be disabled, however, you will not be able to view the performance of the hidden URLs.

  2. You can also upgrade the plan If you can't decide which Tracking URL to hide.

Can I edit the target URL of Tracking URL?

Go to "Tracking URLs" to choose the URL you'd like to update, click "Edit" on the right menu to update the target URL and naming.

Broadcast Settings

Why are there only a few people that I can use broadcast to send message?

According to Facebook’s regulation, you will only be able to broadcast to fans who have engaged with you by inbox within the past 24 hours if your content contains promotion.

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