YOCTOL.AI Registration & Login Failed

Top reasons people cannot register or login to YOCTOL.AI accounts are

- Verification link not activated: Please check your junk/spam folder if you did not receive verification mail in your main inbox.

- Wrong email address/password

- Browser issues: We highly recommend you use Chrome and Firefox for YOCTOL.AI.

Why is my bot not responding?

Top reasons why your chatbot does not respond.

1. Incorrect trigger rules

If you set up your messages with wrong trigger rules, such as wrong intents or keywords, the conversation will not proceed as you wish.

2. Publish failed

Please make sure all the dialogues and buttons are correctly set. After that, press "Publish" again.

3. Page/App connection issues

If you had connected the bot with other Facebook Page in the past, the bot might not be able to respond correctly after you connect it to another FB Page. Please follow these steps to solve this problem.

Main points

1. Go to Settings of your Facebook page, click Advanced Messaging, scroll down the page toGeneral Settings, and click the third oneResponses are partially automated, with some support by people

2. Click Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol to set as “YOCTOL.AI”, and click Secondary Receiver for Handover Protocol to set as “Page Inbox”.

Will I get charged immediately if I enter my credit card information?

To protect your account security, YOCTOL.AI will not charge you for the bot until you confirm the purchase manually.

To confirm the purchase, please select the bot you would like to purchase, and go to Settings > General, and click "Buy now" or "Change Plan". Your payment will be confirmed on the next payment date.

What is Cost per Engaged Customer?

An Engaged Customer refers to: a person who has sent/received private messages from your bot, or left a comment on your auto-reply post.

  • No matter how many messages a customer sent to/received from the bot, he or she will only be counted as 1 customer.

  • If a person only liked your Facebook Page or liked/shared your Facebook posts, he or she will not be counted as Engaged Customer.

You are charged for different cost of Engaged Customer according to the price plan you selected for a bot. For more details, please visit our pricing plan page.

Can I create multiple bots with one account? Can I use different credit cards?

After you sign up for YOCTOL.AI with your email:

1. You can activate both Creator and Seeker.

2. You can create 12 chatbots on Creator at most.

3. When creating the bot, you can freely select a platform, Facebook Messenger or LINE, for your bot.

  • Please notice that you need to connect your chatbot with either a Facebook Page or LINE Official/Business account. (Create a LINE Official/Business account)

  • A Creator bot cannot operate on Facebook and LINE at the same time.

  • If you would like to build chatbots on both Facebook and LINE for your brand, please create two chatbots and select Facebook/LINE separately.

4. What is "Plan"?

  • A Plan refers to: the features you would like to activate, the monthly fee and the Cost per Engaged Customer.

  • For different bots under the same YOCTOL.AI account, you can freely apply different pricing plans.

5. Important payment rules

  • Can I use different credit cards for my bots under the same YOCTOL.AI account?

    • No, you can't. For different credit card registration, please create a new YOCTOL.AI account.

  • Can I change the pricing plan?

    • Yes, absolutely! You can cancel/upgrade/downgrade the pricing plan anytime, anywhere, on any bot.

    • Please notice that any change you made with your bot will take place on the next payment date. That is, for the rest of the monthly billing cycle, you will still be charged according to the original plan you selected, and you can still use the features of the original plan.

Why did my Welcome Message in LINE@ disappear?

If your default Greeting Text on LINE is enabled, the Welcome Message on YOCTOL.AI will not be shown. Please follow the steps to disable the default Greeting Text.

1. Go to LINE Developers.

2. Select "Channel settings".

3. Scroll down and find "Using LINE@ features".

4. Switch "Greeting messages" to "Disabled".

How do I turn off LINE bot's default greetings and default replies?

To disable the default LINE@ default greeting message and replies:

1. Go to LINE Developers.

2. Select "Channel settings".

3. Scroll down and find "Using LINE@ features".

4. Switch "Auto-reply messages" to "Disabled".

5. Switch "Greeting messages" to "Disabled".

To connect a chatbot, what kind of Facebook Page role do I need to have?

To connect a Facebook Page with a chatbot, you need to be either an Admin / Editor / Moderator of the Page to have that permission. There are 6 different types of roles for people who manage Pages. When you create a Page, you automatically become the Page's admin, which means you can change how the Page looks and publish as the Page. Only an admin can assign roles and change others' roles. Learn more about Page roles for connected Pages and Instagram accounts.Keep in mind that multiple people can have roles on a Page, but each person needs their own personal Facebook account. The table below outlines the 6 Page roles (across) and what they're able to do (down):

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