With Tag component you can label customers with tags to know about their interests. In addition, you can use broadcast to your customers by selecting tags to precisely provide the needed information.


  1. Add tag component in messages to label customers (customers will not see the tags)

  2. Select an existing tag or create a new one (create one under the “Tags” section)

  3. When this message is triggered, customers will be labelled with tags or removed from tags according to your settings.

Customer Tag List

Tag List

  • You can create, edit, and change the content of tags.

  • The number before the tag is the number of customers labelled with the tag.

Customer List

  • You can check the information of the customers who have interacted with the bot.

  • You can check specific customer information by clicking on PSID; you can also add/remove tags of the customer.

Broadcasting by tags

Please visit Set Broadcast Message

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