Message & Keyword Reply

Seeker’s Chatbot Service Message helps you edit simple auto reply messages and Live Agent System.

There are two types of Seeker Message:

  1. Default Message: Include Welcome Message, Default Reply, Persistent Menu, and Live Agent System, which are suitable for all social managers.

  2. Keyword Message: You can set your own keywords and reply content, which can be used to answer common questions and design Post Events.

How to edit a message?

  • Click edit on the right-hand side of any message.

  • Click “Edit Message Content” when you go to the report page of the selected message.

  • You can also click on “Add Keyword” to set up a new Keyword Reply.

What content should I use in Default Message?

  • Welcome Message:Let your fans know that it's a chatbot replying to them. You can provide introduction of your service or product, and set buttons to direct fans to your product page.

Enable Tracking Function to automatically track clicks of the URL to know more about fans’ interests. How to set a Tracking URL?

  • Default Reply : Let your fans know that the bot can not answer their question. You can provide answers to the most common questions, and remind fans that they can ask for Live Agent’s help if needed.

  • Persistent Menu:It is the menu in Messenger. It is recommended to set the three most frequently used URLs so that your fans can click directly.

  • Live Agent System:You have to set the content for “Switch to Live Agent” and “Back to the Bot” at the same time. Before you use this system, go to “App Settings” of your Facebook Page. Click “Advanced Messaging”, then scroll down the page to “App Settings” and click “Configure”. After that, click on “Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol” to set as “YOCTOL.AI”, and finally, click “Secondary Receiver for Handover Protocol” to set as “Page Inbox”.

After publishing, if your fan does not click the "Switch to Live Agent" button, you will not receive any notifications, and all the messages from your fans will be in the "Done" folder.

To receive notifications for messages, please go to “Advanced Messaging” > App Settings, and set “Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol” and “Secondary Receiver for Handover Protocol” back to the “unselected state”.

How to plan your Keyword Replies?

  • You can set up common questions such as “pricing”, and keywords related to this question which may include “discount”, “price”, “how much”. After planning related keywords, you need to enter some chatbot replies that fulfill what fans want to know. Use buttons to direct fans and track their clicks at the same time!

  • Multiple Keyword Replies is allowed in Seeker. Remember to set different keywords in different Keyword Replies, so that fans will get the right answer.

    • Keyword Reply to “Promotion” may include keywords such as “discount”, “price”, “how much”, “$”

    • Keyword Reply to “Seeker” may include keywords such as: “seeker”, “product introduction”, “how to use”

Notice: Seeker Message Service helps you to effectively categorize your fans’ messages. After publishing, your page’s private message will be taken over by the bot.

You can’t cancel the function “Message” of Chatbot Service after you publish it.

If you really want to cancel it, you have to delete the page on Seeker project to cancel all the functions of Seeker. After deleting the page on Seeker, you have to change the settings of your Facebook page to get the notifications of the messages from your fans.

How to view the report of your Page’s chats?

  • Go to “Message”. You’ll see the number of triggers of "Default Message" and "Keyword Message". Click a specific Keyword Reply such as "Live Agent System" to see more about the context, keywords, and the number of people who were triggered by this reply.

  • By viewing reports of a specific Keyword Reply, such as the number of triggers and the number of people triggered by "Promotion", you’ll find out what types of questions your fans asked more frequently, and what they’d like to know more about.

Notice: After you deleted the page on Seeker, please go to Facebook Settings > Advanced Messaging > App Settings “Handover Protocol”, and set “Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol” and “Secondary Receiver for Handover Protocol” back to the “unselected state” to receive notifications for messages. The new message of your fans will appear in Main Inbox.

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