Seeker provides basic bot response, including Welcome Message, Default Reply, Live Agent, Greeting Text and Persistent Menu. These customized responses help you reply to your customers timely and accurately.

Welcome Message

Your customers are greeted with Welcome Message after they click on the button Get Started on Messenger.

Default Reply

Default reply is sent automatically when your bot is unable to match any rule with what the customers say.

Live Agent

When customers switch to live agent service, the conversation with the bot will be cut off. Please switch back to bot mode for automated responses to disable live agent session. Attention: Please go to App Settings of your Facebook page, set YOCTOL.AI as Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol, and set Page Inbox as Secondary Receiver for Handover Protocol before you can activate Live Agent service.

Greeting Text

Customers will receive this when starting the conversation for the first time. If the greeting text is not updated after publishing, please restart Messenger.

Persistent Menu

Persistent menu is usually symbolized as ≡, located next to the input box. The maximum number of items is 3. You can set the most important functions in this menu so that customers can find it easily. You can set 2 items in Free Plan, if you want to remove the item of Seeker, please upgrade to Essential Plan.


  1. Click “Message” on the sidebar

  2. Edit the response contents

  3. Click “Publish” on the right-top corner

Note: Make sure that you have set all the responses correctly, such as the name of the button, or the link of the button.

Go to set 24-hr auto-response for your Page →