Message & Role Settings


Seeker’s Chatbot Service Message helps you set a simple autoreply message and Live Agent System. You can customize your message content with a Welcome Message, a Default Reply, and Live Agent System.

You also can set three commonly used links through the Persistent Menu, so that your fans can see this link information through Messenger.

Notice: Seeker’s function “Message” of Chatbot Service helps you effectively categorize your fans’ messages. After publishing, your page private message will be taken over by the bot.

You can’t cancel the function “Message” of Chatbot Service after you published.

If you really want to cancel it, you have to delete the page on Seeker project to cancel all the functions of Seeker. After deleting the page on Seeker, you have to change the settings of your Facebook page to get the notifications of the messages from your fans.

After publishing, if your fan does not click the "Switch to Live Agent" button, you will not receive any notifications, and all the message from your fans will in the "Done" folder. To receive notifications for messages, please go to “Advanced Messaging”> App Settings , and set “Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol” and “Secondary Receiver for Handover Protocol” back to the “unselected state”.

Live Agent System

After setting Live Agent System, your fans can switch to Live Agent when they don’t want to talk to chatbot.

Before you use this system, go to App Settings of your Facebook Page. Click “Advanced Messaging”, scroll down the page to “App Settings” and click “Configure”. Click “Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol” to set as “YOCTOL.AI”, and click “Secondary Receiver for Handover Protocol” to set as “Page Inbox”.

Notice: After you deleted the page on Seeker, please go to Facebook Settings > Advanced Messaging > App Settings “Handover Protocol”, and set “Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol” and “Secondary Receiver for Handover Protocol” back to the “unselected state” to receive notifications for messages. The new message of your fans will be in Main Inbox.

Roles Settings

Seeker allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of collaboration. We provide unlimited collaborators to make it easier for you to control fan pages.

The permissions are explained below:

  • Owner: The person who added the fan page analysis on Seeker will be the owner, who can upgrade the plan, delete the entire page data. Owner have the maximum authority.

Note: The owner cannot be transferred. Please confirm whether the person who added the fan page is a person who can pay before starting to analyze the fan page.

  • Administrator: Can edit all content, download the fans list and invite collaborators, but can not delete the entire fan page data on Seeker.

  • Edit: Can edit all content, but can not download the list and invite more collaborators.

  • Viewer: Can only view the content, and can not edit or delete any content.