How to Switch Languages? (Chinese, English)


I want to use English for my operations. For example, I want English displays or a chatbot that can understand English after training. What should I do?

Switching display from English to Chinese

  1. Go to Account Settings

  2. Change Display Language to Chinese

  3. Press Save

First, go to “Account Settings”
First, go to “Account Settings”

NLU: Training a chatbot that understands Chinese

  1. Log in to <LINE Developers> and create a new bot or select the bot you want to switch to Chinese.

  2. Click Settings > NLU Engine on the left sidebar

  3. Change Language to Chinese


The language settings for the “NLU Engine” and the “Display Language” are separate. In other words, you can train a Chinese bot under English interface, and train an English bot under Chinese interface.