Customer Management

Seeker has 2 main features for Customer Management:

  1. Dashboard

  2. Tag List


You can check the AI-generated interaction data of your Facebook Page once you connect your Page to Seeker. You can view the data of the default last 7 days or the time period you select, with a summary of Page likes, number of interaction, gender, and age of fans. We have exclusive AI technology to generate the analytics, segmenting customers into 4 types of intimacy levels according to their interaction (number of likes, comments, conversations, etc). We segment customers into 4 types: Super Fan, Occasional, Regular, and Passerby. Please note that customer intimacy will vary from the time period you select.

By setting different time periods, you can find out the changes or growths of your customer segments, and to put it further for particular promotion events.

Tag & List

Seeker collects the list of customers who once engaged with your Page for the past 6 months. You can filter to select customers of different intimacy levels during different time periods. Also, the tagging feature helps you label customers by their interests, behaviors, or favors so that you can manage customer segments, message broadcasting, ads targeting better for marketing plans.

How does the Tag List work?

  • With Seeker’s “Post Event” feature, you can further segment fans into tags named by different posts or comments according to their engagements with the target post. For example, fans who left comments for inquiring details of cosmetic or food products may be tagged with having “Interests in Makeups” or “Interests in Foods”. For this, the tag list of engaged customers would be more detailed and of high value.

  • At Seeker’s Tag List, you can filter to figure out specific audiences, such as “fans who’ve engaged with your Facebook page and have the interest in cosmetics”, and to click “send messages” for broadcasting direct messages to them.

Check out the dashboard of your Facebook Page →